The Old World

Over the past few months Games Workshop have been drip feeding us snippets of the rules for the new “The old world” game setting which got me to thinking what I would do if tasked with developing a ruleset for the new game.

In one of their blog posts that discuss having played lots of battles using previous rule editions to pick out the best bits of them, but any serious fantasy player already knows that 6th edition was best 😉 Besides there have already been fan made versions (Warhammer Armies Project & The 9th Age) based on 8th edition which are fairly popular, so it seems like a reasonable idea to try using 6th as a base.

There are other solid reasons for using 6th edition – it has army books for every major faction which unlike 7th aren’t horrifically unbalanced (I’m looking ...

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Van Ludwig’s impenetrable shield of exploding doom

7th Edition introduced the Helstorm rocket battery for Empire, a more powerful, less reliable mortar which takes up a rare slot. Upon buying a new Helblaster/Helstorm plastic kit intending to build as a Helblaster for use in 6th edition games I discovered that it was relatively easy to assemble it in such a way that it could be fielded as either model. A quick kitbash on the crew to make them more generic as opposed to carrying items clearly intended for one machine or another and I have a unit which will work for both (Photos will be posted once painted)

What was left was rules to use the Helstorm rocket launcher in 6th edition, it would have been fairly easy to use the 7th edition rules as they are, increasing the points slightly so it’s more in line with the other 6th edition Empir...

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Full Magic Lizards

An experiment to see how many magic dice can be crammed into a 2000 list. This list manages:

  • 11 power dice base (2 base, 4 Slann, 4 Skink Shamans, 1 Plaque of dominion)
  • Up to 6 additional power dice as the Slann casts spells (1 free per spell)
  • An additional 2 carried over from the previous magic phase
  • Up to 19 total useable power dice
  • 12 dispell dice base (2 base, 2 Slann, 2 Skink Shamans, 1 Plaque of dominion, 5 Saurus)
  • An additional 2 carried over from previous magic phase
  • Up to 14 total usable dispel dice

The Slann also gets +1 to cast & Dispel, can’t miscast and has 5 spells + drain magic. Line of sight can be drawn from either Skink Shaman.

2nd Gen Slann Mage Priest + Battle standard485
– Diadem of Power35
– Plaque of Tepok15
– Plaqu...
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